10/16: 3 COURTS OPEN

Message from the President, (May 1, 2018)

Spring has been dragging its feet, but the calendar says it is time to get back out on the courts! Rain and cold have kept work on the clay courts at bay, but (weather permitting) they should be up by Cinco de Mayo, or thereabouts. 

The BIG project starts some time after that: re-surfacing our two hard courts (4 and 5), which have waited far too long – seemingly forever – for their ship to come in. With the funds from the tax appeal settlement on the Tennis Club property (roughly $30,000), and the much-appreciated support and approval of the Parent Club, we will finally be replacing the cracked-up surface of our hard courts, and by the end of this season should have eight courts (six clay, two hard) to rival any tennis facility in the area. 

While the resurfacing project would be impossible for us to undertake without the tax appeal funds, it is equally dependent upon contributions (monetary and in-kind) from several guardian angels, whose generosity will allow us to stretch and augment those funds as needed to get the job done – because, folks, in the real world you cannot re-surface two hard tennis courts for $30,000. More on those guardian angels and their contributions in coming months. For now, the happy news, real not fake, is: we will be re-surfacing the hard courts this season. 

Which of course means disruptions and inconveniences in the bargain, as work proceeds (can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs). We thank all members for their patience and moral support as we forge ahead. 

Last but by no means least, PLTC is proud to announce that, this year, its head teaching pro will be the title-holder of the New Jersey Clay Courts championship (senior division), Packanack Lake’s own Alan Hughes. For details on lessons, see our website – and be prepared to learn things about the game you never knew, and work on your game like never before.